Do it right the first time

IT Support

No in-house IT? No worries. We provide IT support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professional home users – government workers, lawyers, and other professionals who need help with their home offices.

IT Consulting

Sometimes support just isn’t enough. Our IT consulting services cover a broad range of functions, including identifying weak points in your business’s security, getting the best results from your network connection, and helping you decide what software you need for your business.


No, we don’t mean meeting for a cup of coffee. Our network services include building secure, top-notch business network where everything that needs to be connected, is connected.


Did you know that 60% of small businesses today don’t have any backup? Worse, for those who have backups, only 40% of their data survives a disaster. Our comprehensive backup services go beyond duplicating files to effectively clone your system, so if something goes wrong you can get right back to business.

Data Recovery

Panicking because you lost that important report? Don’t worry. We can recover any type of data from any device you have. If you created it, we’ll find it.

Computer Repair

Replacing your computers can be expensive and, if you haven’t backed up your information, catastrophic. We save you time and stress by taking care of any computer repairs, errors, or upgrades you need handled. One caveat – we don’t do mobile phones.


Small businesses are now big targets for hackers, viruses and malwares. We keep your business secured and protected with the latest in settings, software and firewalls, from your laptop to Quickbooks to email and social media. With Restart on the job, you can get back to the business of growing your business.

Server Services

Our server specialists can help you accelerate technology adoption, optimize and virtualize resources, so you boost productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and more effectively manage your server environment.

Advanced IT Services & Consulting

Sony Repair
QuickBooks support
Xerox Repair
Office 365 support
Rackspace support
Cisco Support
Carbonite support
Vonage support
Dell Repair
Zyxel support
IBM Repair
Windows Server support
HP Repair
Avast support
Lenovo Repair
Linux support
Asus Repair
Malwarebytes support
Toshiba Repair
Microsoft support
Acer Repair
Samsung Repair
Netgear support
Acronis support